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    • I’ve learned that Jane Austen published four books in her lifetime, and then four more were published posthumously. The posthumous books are all considerably shorter. The cynic in me says that the short books are the amount of story she has, but in her era, authors were paid a penny per word, so she’d rewrite them and pad the word count before publishing. That might have made a difference. Then again, I also acknowledge that this could simply be an excellent example of a genre I have no interest in.

      Our next two books should be much better. Still not sure if my plans are solid after that. The next book is the next entry in a series we’ve visited before, and after that, we’re reading the most fun book I’ve read in years!

      • I really enjoyed the Sherlock Holmes, even with the computer-to-English bumps. I am glad to have heard this book, just so that I have a better idea of what her books are like. I recognize they created the Genre that Bridgerton is a modern version of, and I enjoyed the season of that show I watched, but this genre is definitely not one I am going to ever get immersed in.

        In other words, it was a good learning experience. I am ready to go learn anything else, now.

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