“The Triangle” Discussion

The three-part miniseries concluded last night on Sci-Fi Channel. I taped it and plan on a marathon viewing this weekend. What did you all think?

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  1. Interesting miniseries
    By far one of the better SciFi miniseries. The effects, for the most part, were excellent for this level of production. The story kept you interested for the most part, but it started to feel a bit long on the third episode. A two part miniseries would have been a better format.

  2. Better than Taken?
    For those who have seen it (I haven’t), how would you rate this compared to Taken? The previews for “The Triangle” leave me feeling a little cold.

  3. Pretty long
    This would have been much better at 2 hours. Too many logic jumps. Kind of creepy and interesting along the way, but too long. I’ll be conservative about spoilers, At one point, somebody says “we found exotic matter and all the characters go “ah, well, that explains everything”. For all the explanation they gave of this they might have said they found magical blueberry muffins. And the climax was kind of anti. I couldn’t tell whether they remembered both versions of their lifes or just the original one. And the major revelation about the cause is very familiar to viewers of the last episode of ST-TNG

  4. mind screw
    I will say I did like how they completely messed with the character played by Lou Diamond Phillips to the point where he didn’t know if he was coming or going, how many kids he had and if his truck was blue :)

  5. hmmm
    IMHO it was awesome right up until the end and then it started to suck. when they were in the undergound lab and they are begging the guy not to set off the bomb; would one not assume that the bomb is programmed to go off at just the right moment unless he tells it not to? The idea bout newbies and worker turnaround not noticing the ripple effect was pretty lame, especially when we find out the same head guy at the top has been at it the whole time. And would somebody who spent his whole life working on something seriously abandon it in 30 seconds? The whole "you were never going to, were you" thing was also a total anti-climax, made the whole thing somewhat unclear. All those planes that disappeared, they would start shooting each other when they popped back into existance. And lastly, if it did actually undo the event, it probably wouldn’t take just long enough for them to pop out and have a nice conversation for space time to fix itself…
    Overall I think it was good but there were a few points that could have been stronger.

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