4 replies on “Chapter 13: How the General Talked to the King”

  1. The Nomes (“Gnome-Ess”) sounds like a female gnome the way the computer says it.

    • Yeah, and the next book has a lot of Spanish words mixed into the English. I may have to pull back to a MUCH slower release schedule and do purely human read books. Right now, I’m averaging recording one chapter every two weeks, which is more than I could near the end of last year. I may have to release with a “whenever it’s ready” schedule if I go to pure human reading.

      • I thought Sherlock worked decently well. Maybe let the computer read his stuff?

        • I suspect it works best when the source uses actual dictionary words all in the English language. With the “accent on the page” style in the Oz books plus the invented words with no frame of reference, it struggles.

          I guess I’ll be reading fantasy and science fiction myself (with “War of the Worlds” in progress) and leave things like mystery and adventure to the computer.

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