Television review – “Superman: The Animated Series Vol. 2”

The second third of the animated series came out on
DVD just before Christmas.

Cast and Crew

Tim Daly as Clark Kent / Superman

Dana Delany as Lois Lane

Clancy Brown as Lex Luthor

The list of guest stars includes:

Joseph Bologna as Lt. Turpin

George Dzundza as Perry White

David Kaufman as Jimmy Olsen

Malcolm McDowell as John Corben / Metallo

Michael Ironside as Darkseid

Lori Petty as Livewire

Michael Dorn as John Irons and Kalibak

Gilbert Gottfried as Mr. Mxyzptlk

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Original Airdate

These episodes aired in 1996 or later. (The
production order did not
match the broadcast order very well.)


Eighteen more episodes of the animated series feature

High Point

The “World’s Finest” three part episode was excellent
all around,
which is probably why it was also released in a movie
edit as The
Batman Superman
. “The Late Mr. Kent” was also very good,
and is only
available in this set. I’d suggest picking this up
instead of the
movie edit. Why pay $12.99 for three episodes, when
you can pick up
18 episodes for $17.99? If you’re interested in those
three, than the
other fifteen here should be easily worth the extra
$5. (It’s
basically $4.33 per episode vs. $1.00 per episode.
Man, am I glad
Justice League season sets are coming next

Low Point

“Monkey Fun” had a lame, late 50’s cheap sci-fi style

The Review

This feels a bit less original than the first
volume, given
the number of returning villains. I give it 3 out
of 6.

The animation was the budget-conscious style
that the first
volume had. It doesn’t seem that bad, until Batman
shows up, and we
see the degradation in quality compared to that
series. I give it 3
out of 6.

The stories are where this shines. This did
a much better
job of fleshing out a more interconnected DC universe,
paving the way
for the Justice League series to follow. In addition
to reuniting
with Batman, we get to meet Steel and Dr. Fate, which
helps give the
feeling that Superman isn’t the only one doing this,
which in turn
explains why nobody wonders why all this weird stuff
happens in
Metropolis; it happens everywhere else, too. The
underpowered Superman of the series which irked me at
first serves its
purpose in this category, though, as it makes the
threats feel more
credible. (Let’s face it, not many people would be
able to threaten
Superman at the peak of his comic book powers.) I
give it 5 out of 6.

The voice acting is still good. The voice
actors are well
cast, with only one character (Livewire) getting the
typical “distinct
but annoying” style of voice common in animation aimed
at the younger
crowd. I give it 5 out of 6.

The emotional response is good, too. The
series is fun, and
shows Superman at his best. There are even hints that
Lois will
figure out the dual identity some time in the third
volume, which
helps draw my interest toward that set. I give it 5
out of 6.

The production was on a lesser budget than
the scripts
needed. Some moments just don’t work. We get awkward
staging and
framing, as well as some poorly paced moments in
action sequences.
(Why was Superman walking, and not running, every time
he went back
into the restaurant in “Father’s Day?”) I give it 4
out of 6.

Overall, it’s a good collection, but the
series just wasn’t
up to the same standard as the Batman series.
I give it 4
out of 6.

In total, Superman: The Animated Series Volume
29 out of 42.