Lost Discussion: “The Hunting Party”

Jack, Locke and Sawyer chase Michael after he plunges into the jungle in search of Walt; Sun has a surprising reaction to Jin’s desire to join the search party; Hurley and Charlie commiserate over the question of what women want.

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  1. interesting but…
    this ep was interesting in that we learned a few small things, but it was sort of a throw away except when Yukon Cornelious showed up…

    • Re: interesting but…
      I was enjoying the look on Locke’s face. He looked like he _really_ wanted to kick that guy’s ass.

  2. Eko
    Where was Mr. Eko. I would have thought that he would try to catch up with them. I believe he might be the only survivor who could take "Zeke". I was suprised that he was absent the entire episode.

    I did like the ending when Jack asks about forming an army. But when you think about it there are really quite a few survivors that would be able to train an army. Eko specifically might have quite a few talents, and of course Sayeed knows some military stuff as well.

    It will be intersting now that for all intents and purposes they are at "War" with the others.

  3. tough call
    I think I might have hesistated a bit more before saving Kate. First, because she got herself into this by not listening. Second, and more importantly, they’re giving the bad guys guns, making them stronger and the good guys weaker. That was what really made watching their surrender painful.

    "Zeke" said something about breaking down someone’s door, going into someone’s home and eating their food, which I initially took to mean the hatch. But after thinking about it, why would they claim the hatch unless they were part of Dharma? The resources in the hatch wouldn’t have been enough to sustain so many people, and the hatch quarters certainly didn’t look to have been used by anyone other than Desmond.

    At least, the last part of the episode was very good (even though it ran over the 1h1m length my DVR had been told to record). I loved Jack and Ana Lucia’s final lines, and I’m really excited to see what comes of them.

    • Re: tough call

      I think I might have hesistated a bit more before saving Kate.

      Jack is a classic life-saver character: He can’t willingly let someone die. He’ll give his own blood, risk his own life to save anyone.

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