Star Trek: Discovery Discussion – Red Directive & Under the Twin Moons

Discovery’s fifth and final season kicked off this week with a pair of episodes.

They’re calling this the “Indiana Jones Season” and…they’re not wrong.

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  1. I did feel like they went out of their way to add action scenes, and I hated all the shakycam. That said, I loved Star Trek coming back. I loved the subtle details, like the fact that Book’s punishment was public service, not prison. I liked that Star Fleet’s first move was to protect the town. Even the dissenting voice also decided that it was the better idea to save lives. I also noticed that Captain Raynor was “the old way of doing things” and was just Kirk: hot headed, disregards regulations, and perfectly fine yelling at superiors. Then, for the season, we are going to get the “old way” brought in, and will work with the new way for everyone’s benefit. I also enjoyed the response to the “bad guys” wasn’t just to try to shoot them down and kill them, but to get a psych profile and then try to reason with them.

    This show was all the best things about Star Trek.

    • I agree that this shows promise. I always like Callum Keith Rennie, and have since his days on Due South. I appreciate the episode it is inspired by, though I am worried we’re just going to get that plot spread over 10 episodes with the new characters.

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