Star Trek: Discovery Discussion – Erigah

With Moll and L’ak in custody, the Federation is pulled into a diplomatic and ethical firestorm when the Breen demand they be handed over. Meanwhile, Book looks for ways to help as Tilly, Adira and Reno work to decipher the latest clue.

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  1. “Jackboots? Truncheons? Where’s the nuance?”
    I love Reno.

    This was a decent episode. I love how they leaned on finding a diplomatic (or at least non-violent) solution to their predicament. I have mixed feelings about Raynor’s xenophobia. On one hand, it feels like a retread of Bajor/Cardassia. On the other, it’s a very real thing (See Gaza for the most recent example).

    • When he launched into his ‘There’s no working with the Breen, they only want genocide’ I thought they were going to lean even more heavily into the Israel/Gaza of it all.

      I did find a lot of things surprised me. It was surprising that they brought the Breen to see L’ak when they just as easily cold bring a pattern enhancer and leave. I was surprised Starfleet was willing to bluff so boldly. I was surprised that anything in text was somehow not universally available, especially when we are beyond that point today for just Earth.

      It sounds like next week we are going to the Halls of All-Knowing. Also, anyone else see the H2G2 logo in the clue they were studying? It reminded me of that, but it could just be me.

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