Children of the Gods

Trekkie writes, Recently I’ve discovered an old idea applied to a new technology. Children of the Gods is a podcast, but unlike other podcasts it’s actually a serial episode of a sci-fi story. Currently there are three published episodes with a fourth coming due soon. Well worth listening too. Has great music backgrounds, sound effects, and voice acting.

Well, Bureau-crats, is this one worth watching?

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  1. Audio Dramas
    The author was recently interviewed on the Slice of Sci-Fi Podcast. The author wrote three books which take place after the events of the movie Independance Day. The podcast starts off with the second book, which is set about 500 years after the movie.

    Anyhow, I listened to the first three episodes and they are fairly good. The level of acting is of a lower level than what you would find on TV, but there are great sound and musical effect and I think it’s well worth listening too.

    IF you are into audio dramas, I would recommend also checking out The Silent Universe . From what I understand, you log on to the site forum and discuss with other listeners as to what direction the story line should go. The creators then use some of those ideas as a basis for future episodes. A new episode is release every month.
    I’ve listened to the first episode and it’s not bad. It’s like Alias or La Femme Nikita, but in outer space.

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