Weekly DVD Picks – March 21, 2006

If you’re a fan of the Dini/Timm superhero cartoons,
you’ll like this week. Otherwise, there’s not that
much out there.

First, the genre releases:

Now, the non-genre releases:

Finally, the pick of the week. I’ve got to go with
Justice League
– Complete First Season
. I’m a sucker for
superheroes, and these
are among the best to ever grace any size screen.

3 replies on “Weekly DVD Picks – March 21, 2006”

    • Re: genre

      I guess it would count, wouldn’t it? That’s… a bit… I can’t decide if it’s funny or disturbing…

  1. Darn
    I was hoping something really good would come out this week. I’m going on vacation next week and wanted to have some DVDs ripped to my harddrive for long flights/layovers.

    Yeah, I got Newsradio a couple of weeks ago… but I couldn’t resist watching that…

    Maybe I’ll get Justice League.

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