“Meltdown” Floods Box Office

Ice Age: The Meltdown soundly takes the top spot for the weekend, grossing more than the remainder of the top 10 movies combined. Nathon Fillon’s Slither slides into #8.

  1. Ice Age: The Meltdown *
  2. Inside Man
  3. ATL *
  4. Failure to Launch
  5. V for Vendetta
  6. Stay Alive
  7. She’s the Man
  8. Slither *
  9. The Shaggy Dog
  10. (Tie) Basic Instinct 2 *
    Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector

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  1. Meltdown vs Slither
    My wife went to see Slither and said it was *awesome*, similar in vein to Eight Legged Freaks but much funnier and a bit ickier (well, it is about slugs). I’m recovering from surgery (appendicitis) so laughing is bad so she went with a friend and both of them loved it – they said that the other dozen-ish people in the theatre were laughing their heads off for most of it too. In a few weeks, when I heal up more, I’m going to go see it myself and will report back in more detail.

    Ice Age 2 was ok – funny in parts, a little dry in others. The Scrat (the squirrel) parts were a bit too frequent and got a bit grating. In comparison to Slither, I was able to watch this movie without much discomfort. Its definitely one to take the kids to, the theatre we attended had a high proportion of kids and they laughed plenty, even our two-year-old got into it.


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