Upcoming Comic Reviews – Civil War

Marvel’s big summer event this year is Civil
. For once, I plan to pick up the whole
bloody cross-over event, and review the pieces right
here, starting later this week. A detailed list of
exactly which issues those are can be found below.
It’s basically Marvel’s
, with the removal of Civil War:
Opening Shot
(a sketchbook summarizing other
entries) and Marvel Spotlight:
, which is a behind-the-scenes item
instead of a part of the story proper.

  • New Avengers: Illuminati Special – This will be
    the first review, as it’s already out.
  • Amazing Spider-Man #529-531 – Issue 531 should
    ship this week.
  • Fantastic Four #536-537 – Issue 537 should also
    ship this week.
  • Civil War #1-7 – The main series. I may review
    issue 1 on its own, but the rest will be reviewed as a
  • Civil War: Frontline #1-10 – A spin-off about
    embedded reporters, including Ben Urich and a
    character from X-Factor that I’m not familiar
    with. Again, I may review #1 alone, but I’ll probably
    just review the complete package when it’s
  • Amazing Spider-Man #532-537 – To be reviewed as a
    complete package.
  • Black Panther #18 – The only issue involved in the
    Civil War is also tied into the Storm / Black Panther
    wedding. To be reviewed individually.
  • Cable/Deadpool #30-32 – My first issues of this
    title, which is getting good reviews elsewhere. I’ll
    review these as a set.
  • Captain America #22-24 – Wizard’s pick for the
    best title of 2005. I’ll start with these, and
    possibly stick around if I like what I see.
  • Civil War: Young Avengers and Runaways #1-4 – A
    four issue miniseries combining the teenage teams.
    I’ll try to get the Runaways reviews caught
    up by then, and hopefully read some Young
    so I know who they actually are. To be
    reviewed as a set.
  • Civil War: X-Men #1-4 – Another related
    miniseries. To be reviewed as a set.
  • Daily Bugle: Civil War Edition – This may be hard
    to review. It’s like the Pulse: House of M
    from last year, with a mock-up of what
    the newspaper looks like in this world.
  • Fantastic Four #538-543 – To be reviewed as a
  • Heroes for Hire #1-3 – A new
    without Iron Fist or Power Man. I’ll
    review the first three as a set, but they’ll need to
    be great to keep me around for number 4. As it’s a
    new ongoing, I may also review #1 on its own.
  • Iron Man #13-14 – I’ll review the pair
  • Ms. Marvel -8 – Again, the three will be
    reviewed together.
  • New Avengers #21-25 – To be reviewed as a
  • Punisher: War Journal #1-3 – A new ongoing, so
    there’s a possible review for just #1, and then a
    review of the set. That character hasn’t had a lot of
    appeal for me, so fans of him may like the series more
    than I likely will.
  • She-Hulk #8 – A one-shot in a very well reviewed
    series. I’ll review it as a single issue.
  • Thunderbolts #103-105 – Again, to be reviewed as a
  • Wolverine #42-47 – To be reviewed as a set.
  • X-Factor #8-9 – To be reviewed as a pair.

This is what you can watch for in the coming weeks and
months. The event runs right into November, and most
reviews will be in the latter half of the year, given
that that’s when most of the series complete. I’ll
try to use that time to catch up on reviews of the
titles involved. I’m now caught up on Amazing
, but not New Avengers,
Young Avengers, Fantastic Four, or