Weekly Comics Discussion – May 10, 2006

This is a pretty light week this week. Full details
are available at the
usual place

DC Comics

  • 52 Week #1 – This is issue one of the 52 issue
    weekly series.
    It’s ambitious, but it’s also a heck of an investment,
    so I’m going to
  • Crisis Aftermath: Battle for Bludhaven #3 (0f
  • Superman #652
  • Second printings of the following – Crisis
    Aftermath: The Battle
    for Bludhaven #1, Detective Comics #817 and #818,
    Green Arrow #60,
    and the OMAC Project Infinite Crisis Special.

Marvel Comics

  • Annihilation Super Skrull #2
  • Ares #4 (of 5) – The sales on this are terrible,
    but rumours that
    Ares will join the Avengers persist.
  • Cable Deadpool #28
  • Last Planet Standing #1 (of 5) – In the
    Spider-Girl Universe.
  • She-Hulk 2 #7 – A well reviewed title. The next
    issue will be a
    Civil War crossover.
  • Uncanny X-Men #473 – The only title I plan to
    bring home this week.

3 replies on “Weekly Comics Discussion – May 10, 2006”

  1. nitpicky clarification
    Why is it She-Hulk 2? Isn’t this her third series?

    • Re: nitpicky clarification

      Why is it She-Hulk 2? Isn’t this her third series?

      A few years ago, Dan Slott wrote 12 issues that were well reviewed, but didn’t sell in the monthly format, so his series was cancelled. Trade paperback sales turned out to be very strong, so Slott’s title was uncancelled and put back on the schedule, making She Hulk 2 the character’s fourth ongoing title, but the second by this creative team. Slott’s ongoing Thing series is also in danger of cancellation.

  2. Superman 652
    If you are even mildly interested in Superman as a character, and you aren’t reading "Up, Up, and Away" in Superman and Action, you are really missing out.

    Geoff Johns and Kurt Busiek are making this the best written Superman storyline in years, and Pete Woods’s artwork is perfect for the story – expressive faces and dynamic layouts combine with simple linework to make this a brilliantly iconic version of the Man of Steel.

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