This is just bloody silly… After seeing an advance screening of “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back,” GLAAD is giving ultra-fanboy Kevin Smith, perhaps one of the most gay-friendly men on the planet, a bucket of grief over that movie.

It’s my site, darnit, so I’m gonna editorialize now…

Lest I be accused of less-than-impartial journalism, here’s GLAAD’s “Point By Point” describing what they think is wrong with the movie, and Kevin Smith’s take on the whole thing, and an almost-impartial news story on the above.

“I agree with this post.”

I was about to write a long detailed rant on just what’s wrong here, but then I re-read Kevin Smith’s post a couple times. Just read it, then come back and comment.

Why is this here? Well, it’s my site, as I said. (Heh.) Also, while not strictly SF/fantasy/whatever, Kevin Smith has a lot of fans who are also genre fans. And because this is just goofy enough that I think it needed the publicity.

Thanks for indulging me.