3 replies on “Star Trek for sale”

  1. How I wish…
    One of the items is the rebuilt NCC-1701 captain’s chair for "Trials and Tribble-ations." Another is the NCC-1701-A model from "The Undiscovered Country" Both are going for over $15,000.

    What’s interesting about this auction is that it doesn’t seem to be benefiting any charity. Viacom is just selling off assets.

  2. Which Enterprise model?
    Now, for the Star Trek VI Enterprise – is this the battle-damaged one from the end of the movie (after General Chang blew the crap out of it), or from the beginning of the movie, when it was in good shape? Just curious – as there’s no way I could afford a bid on that.

    • Re: Which Enterprise model?
      According to the auction house site, it’s the undamaged one. Or rather, they show a photo of the undamaged one. I can’t really decide which I’d rather have. Pristine looks pretty and elegant, but battle-damage would look schweet!

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