The 4400 Discussion The New World parts 1 and 2

cabrubak writes, I noticed there was nothing about the only genre show with new episodes on American television, The 4400.
Last Sunday the two hour Season 3 opener premiered on USA.

It wasn’t bad overall, but it seems to be going the V and Earth Final Contact route: With Isabelle growing to adulthood overnight, to become the savior or maybe the destroyer of the human race.

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  1. Underwhelming
    I thought it got off to a pretty slow start; glad to see Jeffrey Coombs seems to be a regular now, but sorry to see Lily go, and thought Shawn’s response to Isabelle’s "good and evil is a choice?" question was pretty weak — all too obviously a setup for the bad guys to take advantage of her naivete.
    I think that part of the story line is going to be painful to watch. I always did think Matthew was pretty slimy, but if they go where I think they’re going with him (basically Kyle’s opposition from the future), it’s going to be that much more painful. They could surprise me though, and swap things so Kyle’s the bad guy and Matthew’s the good guy, which, while slightly improved, still relies too much on an overused story line to be interesting.

    • Re: Underwhelming
      I just keep wondering when Matthew will reveal that he’s just a front man for Mr. Hearst.

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