Futurama returns! (to Comedy Central)

is writes, Fox can kiss my shiny metal ass!
Katey Sagal on The Late Late Show told Craig Ferguson that the show is coming back to Comedy Central in 2008 for at least 13 episodes. Unfortunately, I don’t get CC, but I will defiinitely buy the DVDs!

4 replies on “Futurama returns! (to Comedy Central)”

  1. Dave says:

    Comedy Central, now with actual comedy
    Seriously, Comedy Central seems to have gotten less and less funny over the years. In a curious relationship, they’ve been milking "South Park" more and more over the years.

    Shirley it’s just a coincidence…

  2. octa says:

    Sweet Zombie Jesus!
    I loved Futurama so much, this is such great news. B42 you made my weekend!

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