Weekly DVD Picks – July 18, 2006

The big theatrical blockbuster weeks have passed us by, so the titles are starting to pick up. Expect some very good archive titles in the next few weeks, some great TV in September, and then the Christmas push to start in October and carry us right to the January dredges.

First, the genre releases:

Now, the non-genre


  • Asphalt: This is a Kino Video release of an old German suspense movie. Kino does good work, so it’s probably worth a look.
  • Dr. Mabuse, The Gambler: Kino releases another movie by my favourite director.
  • Film Noir Classic Collection, Vol. 3: Warner does a great job with these sets. My copy shipped late last week, so they’re already moving.
  • She’s The Man: For the teenage girl crowd.
  • Some Like It Hot: This is a special edition of the movie the American Film Institute chose as the best comedy in American movie history. I won’t argue with that decision; it is funny.
  • Sybil: This is the two disk special edition of the Sally Field movie that was based on a true story.
  • Warner Bros. Tough Guys Collection: This is actually a rerelease of this set. It was originally planned to be the second volume of the Gangsters collection, but there’s a movie in the set without any gangsters, so they renamed it.

Finally, the pick of the

week. For the first time in at least a month, we’ve got more than one serious contender, but I’m going to have to go with the third Film Noir set from Warner Bros. That studio’s DVD division is doing amazing things with their archive titles, and I’m sure this will be no exception. I’m straying from my norm and recommending a title I haven’t seen, but given the strength of the first two sets, I’m going with it anyway. We don’t have anything directed by Fritz Lang this time around, but we do have titles directed by Robert Montgomery, John Farrow, and Anthony Mann. Stars include Robert Mitchum, Ricardo Montelban, Robert Ryan, Ida Lupino and Robert Montgomery.

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  1. Amazing Stories
    I can finally throw away my crappy VHS copies of these shows. This was one of my favorites when I was growing up. I think the second season was better, but at $35, I think I don’t mind too much. :-)

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