Date set for Doctor Who’s return to CBC

Canadian Doctor Who fans have been wondering when we’ll see the second season of the show hit the air. The first season aired less than two weeks behind the British broadcasts, but that was in a year without hockey. With the return of hockey, we were warned that Doctor Who may return as late as August. Well, the date for the second season can be found on the CBC page for the series; we’ll see it on October 9 of this year. I wonder if I’ll be able to import the region 2 DVDs by then…

2 replies on “Date set for Doctor Who’s return to CBC”

  1. Timeshredder says:

    New Who Two on CBC

    It’s aboot time.

    • y42 says:

      Re: New Who Two on CBC

      It’s aboot time.

      I wonder if there will be geeks by then that haven’t went through the "usual" channels to obtain the Doctor’s latest adventures in a timely manner…

      I must say, the brits’ TV scheduling seems to be much less insane then what we’re stuck with over here. They have alternating cycles of good sci-fi: Galactica makes its run, ends, Doctor who makes its run, short pause, rinse, repeat.

      Here, they HAVE to schedule our precious on the same damn timeslot, and with lots of pauses and reruns and preemptions… oh, how we hates them…

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