Weekly DVD Picks – August 22, 2006

There are titles worth looking at this week, but the big seasonal push starts in earnest next week.

First, the genre releases:

Now, the non-genre


Finally, the pick of the

week. There are a few notables this week, but looking at the next two release lists, I’d say your best bet is to hang on to your money to spend in a week or two.

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    • Re: Er

      Apollo 13 isn’t genre?

      It’s one that I had to think about for a while. It’s non-fiction, so I went with the non-genre list. Genre or not, it’s a bloody good movie.

  1. Argentosoma
    If you’re an anime fan check out Argentosoma. Or more specifically, if you’re an anime fan and didn’t like Evangelion’s convoluted ending or whiney lead character then it’s a must see.

    • Re: Argentosoma
      Gah, the form submitted before I was done.


      It takes Eva’s mysterious storyline of "aliens" attacking in regular intervals, escalating in danger each time, but avoids teen angst and drawn out sub plots leading to nowhere. They have a 2001 esque explanation for the whole thing that seems like it was ripped right out of Clarke’s brain.

      The ending has a pretty decent pay off and all the characters get some kind of closure. Should become a sci-fi classic, not just an anime one.

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