A Discussion on Snakes on a Plane

It’s not exactly genre, but the film owes a huge debt to the ‘Net. Does anyone have any mutha @#$% thoughts or observations they want to get off their chests?

And does the film explain why they don’t just turn off the heat?

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  1. I’ll Shoot
    OK, haven’t seen it and have only a small desire to actually see it (if it came on TV, I might watch part of it). That being said, I have heard a lot about it and expect that it is entertaining in its own way. I even went so far as to send a SLJ voice mail to my roommates who got a kick out of it (check out the official website). On a similar note, the under use of SLJs character in Star Wars is one more reason that Lucas should be kicked in the nads.

  2. I will admit…
    …that I went to see it on opening day (though at a matinee price, take that!). It entertained me and the group I went with, which is its job, so it succeeded there. The movie almost seems to take itself seriously, but the completely over-the-top plot and violence are obvious giveaways. I had almost no emotional attachment to the characters, so it was almost always funny each time a snake killed someone. Especially when people were killed in ridiculous ways, such as a snake biting a woman’s nipple and then a man’s penis, or a snake jumping out of an air sickness bag at someone’s face. Our entire theater was laughing through most of the movie. If you were to watch the movie without the context that movies like this should never get the funds to be produced, or seriously considered as feature films for that matter, you’ll probably be disappointed by a mediocre at best action movie. But if you want to laugh at Samuel L. Jackson and a plane full of snakes, this is your film.

    The spoilers above are minor, and if you don’t care they’ll just give you an idea how silly parts of the movie are.

  3. More fun than a 200 foot long aluminum tube full of snakes should be!
    I really enjoyed it! I almost didn’t expect to – but it’s a movie that can be enjoyed with friends (our general consensus: "better than expected").

    And, yeah, I’m with Jeffrey Rowland – I’m afraid of being bitten (sixth panel).

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