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      • RE: I’m scared

        I’m not clicking that!

        Me neither!

        Uh, guys…. Why do we have a link to "hottubgirls.com" under Battlestar Galactica?

        Okay, seriously, I read the first two paragraphs, and they don’t contain significant spoilers, other than the fact that the show will be particularly dark this season, and revelation that Kara Thrace is really a Cylon. Hah. Just made that second point up.

        I didn’t read further.

        • Re: RE: I’m scared

          I didn’t read further.

          I read the whole thing.

          Be assured, there are no spoilers in my post.

          There’s not much there really. Yes there is a reference to one particular thing the humans will try this season, but OBVIOUSLY the humans will try SOMETHING to change things, and it’s nothing that you wouldn’t have guessed. Spoiler? YES, Supprise? NO.

          And he does mention some characters that will have it worse than most. But other than the fact that they will have it worse, there are no details, and he only references them as a group. I would have to go back and check to see which characters are acutally in that group.

          So, one of the things I personally figured they would try, I had confirmed will be tried; and I confirmed that some characters will be worse off than others.

          That’s not much of a spopiler. But if you’re really particular about NO SPOILERS… Yeah, you should not click the link.

        • Re: RE: I’m scared
          Oh, yeah, There is actually one thing that was particularly interesting in the link that is not a spoiler: They talk about Mr. Olmos directing an episode of season Three, and they talk about how it will be different from the one he did in season One.

  1. That was me :)
    It was I who sent the link in, guess Safari didn’t want to keep my session cookie or something. Bon appetite!


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