Last week, the Babylon 5 Script Team sent out e-mails to those of us on the script book announcement list, letting us know that volume nine will be delayed until September because JMS is too busy making new B5 material to get the volume together. Those who missed our original articles about the script books should head over to this page and dig into the goodness. (I’m trying to develop a script rubric of some form just to rave about these books.) Those who want to read the note JMS wrote for last week’s email can find it in the extended article body below.

Quoth JMS:

As many of you may already know, a few days ago
as I write this, I canceled all of my convention
appearances through February of next year due to the
press of work, both in terms of finishing up work on
my script for Ron Howard, and in order to free up
room to begin the process of writing, producing, and
directing the first in what we hope will be a series
of new Babylon 5 anthology episodes for DVD.

The other result of this is that we are going to
push back volume nine just far enough to make room
for me to get these projects up and on the rails.
It will not be much of a delay, it will be a
September release, but the Babylon 5 scripts team
and I wanted to make sure everyone knew about the
delay, and that it is only a delay.

The good thing is that the delay is caused primarily
by the creation of new Babylon 5 episodes, to be
produced with the original cast, which is a cause
for celebration on every level imaginable. We hope
to follow up this with another announcement with the
September publication date for volume nine as
quickly as possible, so stay tuned, for as they say
in the television business…there is more to come.