40 Years of Star Trek

If you’re in and around Seattle, you can catch the Big Convention for the rest of us, you can read this piece from StarTrek.com.

Sadly, this milestone comes at a time when there is no new Star Trek in production, and the concept behind next film has most fans saying, “eh.” Ten years ago, they knew how to celebrate a Trek anniversary.

So on Star Trek’s big day, I ask: What do you miss?

2 replies on “40 Years of Star Trek”

  1. Y’know….


    It was an original series with some great moments, and it led to some impressive spin-offs. I happily own the first season of TOS. I toast its fortieth anniversary.

    Star Trek: Franchise has become dated and it has been damaged and exhausted by endless attempts to milk the cash cow.

    Enough already. SF has moved on. I don’t miss a damn thing.

    • What he said.
      I completely agree. Star Trek was groundbreaking SciFi, but it caused a pretty damn long stagnation for the whole genre. Luckily Babylon 5 came along and showed people that you can make different SciFi and it’d still be good. All us B5, Farscape and Firefly fans can tell you that it’s still an uphill battle, but it can still happen – we’ve still got BSG.

      And if we want good ol’ semi-predictable old-school SciFi, we’ve got Stargate(s).

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