I’ve never followed YouTube or its most recent “star,” lonelygirl15, but it sounds as though determining she was a set-up with a creative team behind her did not require rocket science.

However, there may be a genre twist to this latest bit of online “teen” silliness.

lonelygirl15’s vlog has attracted ridiculous levels of attention, and since her exposure through the efforts of online “geeks,” speculation turns to the purpose of the phony teen vlogs. Is it an experimental online series? A Blair Witch-type promotional for a tv series or a movie?

And what kind of movie? Occult details figure in the background, a forthcoming unidentified religious ceremony grows in importance, and many speculate that “Bree’s” story will take a turn to supernatural horror.

Since we don’t have a “doofy net ephemera” category, I’m making this an “Ask the Bureau” and posing the following questions:

1. Does anyone here watch this thing?
2. Does anyone have a theory about the occult elements?
3. Does anyone here care, even remotely?