Ronald D. Moore NY Times Op-Ed

Radish03 writes, Yesterday in the New York Times was an opinion piece (free registration required) by Ron Moore, most recently of Battlestar Galactica, and also of several Star Trek series. He discusses the impact Star Trek (TOS) had on his life, its moral lessons, and how the appeal of Star Trek goes far beyond phasers and space ships and cheesy aliens.

2 replies on “Ronald D. Moore NY Times Op-Ed”

  1. Any appeal left?
    (flame suit on)
    I thought they’d ruined any good left in the name with the last few crappy seasons/shows? I liked much of TNG but near the end (and anything else afterwards) it just seemed like the same rehashed junk/stuff overandoverandover only without the good bits. I’m glad to see he has more skill than that, as BSG has proven quite thoroughly.


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