Stark Industries unveils tiny turbocompressors

y42 writes,
Researchers at the ETH Chair for Power Electronics have developed a matchbox-sized, 100 watts electrical generator, with an efficiency of close to 95 percent.

These ultra small gas turbines have a range of potential applications, from energy supply for portable heart-lung machines or artificial hearts to turbo compressors, which condense gas mixtures or air. This isn’t the kind of thing we normally report on, but it’s a heck of an acheivment, and (as y42 pointed out) can go a long way if you plan to build your own Iron Man armour.

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  1. So what about the CO2?
    Now think for a moment about millions of little gas turbine engines chugging away, then stop to think about the carbon dioxide emissions coming out of these things.

    Will your new cell phone kill you because you used it a little too long in an enclosed room?

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