Supernatural Discussion: In My Time of Dying

Nickvotrobeck writes, Last week’s season premiere. The conclusion to the season 1 cliffhanger plus a monster-of-the-week.
Tonight: “Everybody Loves a Clown”.

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  1. No cable, not on iTunes :-(
    We don’t have cable and it isn’t on iTunes, so I guess I’m going to be missing out on it this season :-(

  2. While overall I enjoyed the episode….
    I felt the ending was a bit obvious. As soon as Sam gave the list to the tow truck driver, and the driver got the confsed look on his face, I knew their dad was somehow going to be sacrificing himself to save Dean. I did get one thing wrong as I figured that he would end up posessed by the demon (instead of dead), therefore creating a subplot on how to save their father while killing the demon at the same time.

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