Heroes Gets a Full First Season, Eureka Gets A Second.

Heroes is a hit for NBC. It’s getting a full season commitment from NBC.

So, just enough episodes to get hooked before it’s canned? Oh sorry, thought this was Fox…

Also, Eureka (which I like, but can’t ever seem to catch on TV), is coming back for a second season.

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  1. Can’t find Eureka?
    How can you miss Eureka? It’s on three times a week, I swear. Not that I’m complaining…

  2. Uhhh. Can’t catch the show?
    Uh, there is this nifty box called a Tivo… I would lend you one of mine, but… Alas, I can not live without them. I would, in fact, shrivel up and die without them.

    Oh and on the shows, great! Heroes is promising, and Eureka is very fun.

  3. EUReKA hit its stride quickly
    I am glad Eureka got renewed. I felt like that show really hit its stride with episode 107, "Right As Raynes", though I would like to see a bit more development on the Beverly Barlowe front. She is clearly up to something and the season ender made me even more curious.

    As for Heroes, I haven’t really watched it. I just can’t let myself get drawn into yet another serialized sci-fi epic.

  4. Another Genre Show Axed
    Spike TV recently announced the cancellation of Blade, deciding not to pick it up for a second series due to not meeting their ratings expectations. New Line is apparently shopping the show around to see if someone else might pick it up. Personally, I thought it was excellent.

  5. How are we surviving?
    Thinking about tonight’s Heroes episode, I think about something that I’ve wondered about before: with all the nukes going off in cities and evil villains running around, how are we surviving *without* superheros? Inquiring minds want to know…

    I think a good superhero story would be one in which he’s completely secret, where people don’t know he exists, but he stops the supervillains before the public even knows about them, and works to make sure they never do. Of course *that* would be really hard to make believable, but you could do something like blaming the NK nuke test on a supervillain. Maybe Kim *is* a supervillain ;-) But the idea is that you could almost make believe that the superheroes really existed, whereas there obviously is no Superman or Batman running around saving the day…

    Probably already been done, I’ve never really gotten into comics, but I know there are a ton of them… I think the Phantom is close, but as I recall, he’s still fairly well known in his world.

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