Weekly Comics Discussion – October 11, 2006

As usual, this site has the complete list.

Dark Horse

  • Star Wars Legacy #4

DC Comics

  • 52 Week 23
  • Fables #54
  • Green Lantern Corps #5
  • Martian Manhunter #3
  • Tales of the Unexpected #1

Marvel Comics

  • Annihilation #3
  • Captain America: Winter Soldier Vol. 2 – Brubaker’s extremely well reviewed title. I’ll probably pick it up in DVD-ROM format when that eventually comes out.
  • Civil War Frontline #7
  • Stan Lee Meets Dr. Strange
  • Thunderbolts #107 – A major revamp kicks in with issue #110.
  • Ultimate Power #1 – The crossover between JMS’s Squadron Supreme universe and the Ultimate universe. Three issues are written by JMS, three by Brian Michael Bendis, and three by Jeph Loeb. They promise that some characters will not stay in the universes that they’ve started in.
  • Ultimate X-Men #75
  • Uncanny X-Men #479 – another Brubaker title. I’m liking it so far.


  • Battlestar Galactica #2 – This is based on the new series, with many variant covers. The title based on the classic series launches next week. They seem to finally be getting back on schedule, now that they’ve adapted their printing schedule for the level of sales they’re getting.

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  1. Star Wars Legacy
    Legacy #3 conclusively showed that Luke Skywalker is dead. It also demonstrated that Cade Skywalker is definitely going down a dark path (after turning in a Jedi for the bounty). I thought he might be faking it when he went to great lengths to prevent his partners from killing the Jedi, but if Luke is convinced it’s real then I guess it’s real.

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    • Re: Star Wars Legacy
      Without giving any spoilers away, Legacy #4 is a one-shot issue that doesn’t advance the main plot. It does, however, introduce us to a stormtrooper character that we may see in the future.

  2. Annihilation fucking rules
    I am damn excited about the third issue of Annihilation. After the defeat of Galactus at the hands of the Titans, I don’t how much more rock this series can get. I vote for an Annihilation/Civil War crossover, where Annihilus gets back to the Negative Zone and releases all the prisoners that will be there. Legacy is also great. I fucking love Darth Krayt. But WTF happened at the end of Civil War 4? Now Bullseye, Taskmaster, and other villans are on Pro-Reg side? WHAT!!??

    • Re: Annihilation fucking rules

      But WTF happened at the end of Civil War 4? Now Bullseye, Taskmaster, and other villans are on Pro-Reg side? WHAT!!??

      That was the introduction of the new team of Thunderbolts. If you’ve been reading Civil War Frontline, then you already know that Norman Osborne was released from prison by government authority, but that he’s not in complete control of his actions. (Note that this spoils issues 1-6, but I can’t spoil today’s issue as I haven’t read it yet.) Those characters become the new Thunderbolts with issue 110, not yet solicited, with a script by Warren Ellis and art by Mike Deodato. It’s one of the more tempting new series to come out of Civil War, in my opinion.

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