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The recent tragedy weighs down on the heroes and changes their relationships with one another while they continue to learn shocking details about the upcoming nuclear-level disaster in Issac’s painting. Peter’s in trouble. HRG finds another hero to pull into his web. A new lead is pursued in the hunt for Sylar by Agent Audrey Hanson and Matt. After Niki learns of Jessica’s recent actions she must make a difficult decision to keep her family safe. Mohinder takes new steps toward his recently chosen path. A familial bond is revealed. We will learn much more about Sprague, a hero with radative abilities. Isaac latest work of art details major implications for the future actions of a certain hero. Someone dies.

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    • Re: holy crap…

      Poor Peter! :(

      Don’t worry, he’s clearly just manifesting his powers and turning into The Phoenix :)

  1. High/Low
    I think this has to be a record: my low point immediately followed the high point. I loved the feedback loop, which is something I’ve thought would happen if you got two inexperienced mind readers together, but sheesh! When you just realize you’ve found someone with a lot of answers, you don’t just sieze one tiny piece, go rushing off and let him go! That’s something I’ve seen all too often; I know they’re trying to maintain pace, but they could at least hint that they finished the interview before running off…

    • Re: High/Low
      Ditto on the feedback loop. Loved it! I also liked how they chose to off somebody, and who they chose. For some reason, I was convinced it was going to be Isaac. He seemed expendable, as I can’t imagine how they’re going to use him in the future without making a mess of things. Maybe I’ll get a nice surprise.

      • Re: High/Low

        Isaac. He seemed expendable, as I can’t imagine how they’re going to use him in the future without making a mess of things.

        They’re going to use him exctly like Phoebe in Charmed.
        Ziggy in Quantum Leap.

        He’s the classic guy that gets unreliable visions of future troubles, providing our heroes with the mission of the week.

          • Re: High/Low

            Yeah, but for this show, that would be making a mess of things. :)

            Can’t see why that would be…

            • Re: High/Low
              I can go for the precog stuff like we’ve gotten so far. He’s been right every single time so far. If the character’s a precog, have him be a precog. He has to be right; it just has to be our interpretation of what he paints that’s wrong. I’m fine with that. Don’t make him half-assed and have his predictions be wrong or screwy all the time. That would remove the tension associated with his paintings; we’d know it was wrong, rather than it’s right and we’re just missing something. This show THRIVES on tension. Giving it that kind of formula would spoil the show.

  2. this show quickly became a fave
    this show quickly became a favorite of mine and i’m really looking forward to the end of january when it picks up again.

    i was really skeptical of the show when i was reading about it while in production as it sounded like a ripoff of 4400. i’m very happy i was wrong. :)

  3. highs and lows
    Low: Jessica missed. One could argue that she didn’t want to kill him, or that Nikki fought for control, but those are cop-outs. If you have one chance to kill someone, you don’t screw it up.

    High: Hiro sees Isaac’s latest, and is more interested in getting "that sword" than facing the dinosaur.

    Low: Hiro and Ando were just allowed to wander around a crime-scene.

    High: Telepathic feedback. Though, I was hoping for Peter to realize what was going on. He knows his ability now, why didn’t he say, "Which one of you can read minds?".

    High: Matt pushes himself to read HRGM and the Haitian, resulting in the clich√© "you’ve pushed too hard" nose bleed. In fact, that whole scene with Matt and Hansen was good. This lets us know that either the Haitian’s power is passive (X-Men’s Leech) or he’s highly trained to always be using it. Or, he saw Matt staring madly at him from a pretty non-concealed location.

    High: But only because it made me feel so bad… HRGM having Zach’s memory wiped after he and the cheerleader had become such good friends. I guess this means HRGM is still a villain. This also sets up the nice confrontation between Claire and the Haitian.

    High: Sylar is only staying is his cage to play along, which leads to another high: Eden provoking him to escape, and sacrificing herself to prevent him from getting her power.

    Low: NBC’s promotional "one will die" campaign. I’m still whispering "Save the cheerleader. Save the world."

    High: Which brings one last high point: Ando and Hiro arguing the semantics of the "STC.STW." mantra. Those two are comic gold!

    I’m confused about Peter’s illness? I originally suspected some sort of Heroes-virus. I guess it could still be. Or, if the Heroes are all given powers by cancer, maybe his is getting the better of him.

    • Addendum ;)
      I thought DL getting shot in the head was a nice effect. If there is a bullet in his arm (if it didn’t pass through), I was hoping to see him phase and let it fall out.

      Also, it looks like Sylar has absorbed a power similar to the Indian kid, as he was able to enter Peter’s dream.

      Finally, Hiro asked a very good question. "How do we stop a man from blowing up?" It’s not something you can defuse.

    • Re: highs and lows

      Low: Jessica missed


      That sure looked like a bullet hole in DL’s shoulder to me. And her second shot was dead on, DL saved only by phasing out.

      It’s hard to hit someone with a rifle. Jessica is super-strong, but that doesn’t make her an expert sniper.

  4. Eden’s Death
    So I’m puzzling over a couple of things regarding how Eden died, and would be interested in your thoughts. First, it seemed odd that Eden was able to turn the gun to kill herself when Sylar has this super powerful telekentic ability. Couldn’t he have turned the gun away form herself when he saw it happening?

    Next, why didn’t her voice work at all with respect to him taking the gun and shooting himself with it? Maybe it was the time delay (we see this when she asks Matt to eat some doughnuts). Maybe he will shoot himself later. That would be nice. But apparently he says the gun can’t hurt him anyway. Something that we saw earlier when Matt shoots him to no avail. She probably should have known this. Maybe he has "figured out" enough of how their powers based on observation to shield himself, but in order to actually use the power he needs to analyze their brain close up (i.e., consume it. that’s really gross). That would be interesting characteristic of his power.

    Also, why when she was captured by Sylar didn’t she try to use her voice to make him let go? Maybe it was because she sensed that her voice wasn’t working (when he didn’t obey the order to shoot himself) or maybe she knew her voice sometimes has a time delay and didn’t want to risk it. But her voice seemed pretty quick working when she apprehended Sylar with Haitian dude. Hmmm…

    Also, the room seems to have some anti-power shielding in it. Why should her power work at all? And if she turned the shielding off wouldn’t she realize that Sylar could go crazy on her when she did? She should have said you won’t do anything to hurt me. Then you’re going to take this gun and shoot yourself? Seems hard to believe she would leave herself open like that.

    The whole thing seems to have lots of problems.

    Needless to say I’m very sad about her passing. Her ability is fascinating! The way something which could be used for such bad (and probably would be by most people) is used generally for good.

    By the way, anyone know what Mr. Bennet told her to turn her from her selfish and self-destructive ways?

    • Re: Eden’s Death
      I think you’re missing two important things here.

      1) Eden’s powers may have limited affects on Heroes. Matt succumbed after a delay, and that’s when his powers hadn’t yet manifested. Maybe a full-strength Hero, or at least one with some sort of mind augmentation, is immune.

      2a) Even if there were some sort of power-damping field present, it didn’t stop Sylar from breaking the glass. Why? Because he was playing along. He faked her "sleep" suggestion and allowed himself to be captured, because he’d probably already sensed that their capabilities posed no threat to him. Or…

      2b) The Haitian was present at the "sleep" suggestion, and possibly off-camera when HRGM questioned Sylar, but not when Eden confronted him.

    • Re: Eden’s Death

      Also, why when she was captured by Sylar didn’t she try to use her voice to make him let go?

      A superpower reliant on voice is not useful once your enemy gets his or her hands around your throat…

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