Saturday Review: Comic Fan Flicks at Youtube

This week, instead of reviewing one older genre film for Saturday Review, we’re taking a look at ten older comix-themed fan films, now playing at Youtube.

We include a few seasonal offerings, of course.

1. Batman: Dead End

I suspect most of us have marvelled at this one already: a believable Batman, the Joker, some SF guest stars, and excellent production values.


We previously discussed this extraordinary trailer for a film that will never be made (though the makers would love to do the complete film).

3. The Making of Grayson.

This longer companion piece to “Grayson” gives a fascinating account of how some guerilla filmmakers, with minimal budget, captured the look of a superhero comic better than major studios manage. If you’re interesting in making movies, watch this.

4. The Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special

A student at the American Film Institute made this one in a couple of weeks back in 2002. Adapted from the comic, it nails Lobo. This is not, however, a particularly nice Christmas Special. The sound effects are particularly grisly.

Don’t show this to children unless you really, really hate them.

5.Secret Wars Re-Enactment Society

This film makes the most of its ridiculous (yet not necessarily far-fetched) premise: what if some hardline comic fans re-enacted their favourite “event” story arcs with the same seriousness of Civil War Re-enactors or Pennsic SCA types? From Geek-Week.

6. I’m the Juggernaut, Bitch!

This famous fan film features clips of an X-Men cartoon, dubbed hilariously with gangsta/blaxploitation dialogue. Its popularity resulted in the signature line, “I’m the Juggernaut, bitch!” appearing in X-Men 3. Marvel has (as of this writing) pressured Youtube to remove all copies. Responses and references to it abound, however, and the original has been reposted a number of times. It will likely reappear from time to time. Be warned that it is neither child- nor work-friendly.

7. Boner for Christmas with the Peanuts Gang

Nerf Herder (best known for doing the theme for Buffy) recorded an inappropriate Christmas song; someone else put it to clips of Charlie Brown and friends. This piece of pop-culture blasphemy provides laughs—but it’s not for kids or for the workplace.

I can hear Charles M. Schultz spinning in his grave.

8. MC Hawking Rap WOW Style

A few people have posted home-made vids for “MC Hawking.” This one features “What We Need More of is Science” with some familiar animation. E to the MC2, motherf*@%er!


Of course, a lot of the films at Youtube look like this.

10. Comic Book Christmas

Happy Holidays!

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  1. Umm… high points, low points, score?!
    It was nice to find links to these, and a brief summary, though I would liked to have gotten a least a rating score on them.

    • Re: Umm… high points, low points, score?!

      It was nice to find links to these, and a brief summary, though I would liked to have gotten a least a rating score on them.

      Hey, it’s a busy time of year. I had a very important Christmas party later that Saturday!

      The order in which I’ve listed them is intended as a rating system of sorts, he said, weakly.

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