“Farscape” renewed for 2-more years

It’s listed as the biggest renewal commitment in the SciFi Channel’s history. Yahoo News has the full story if you need the gory details.

I’ve heard nothing but great things about this show…wish I had SciFi Channel.

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  1. Canadian availability
    Those of us in Canada don’t get Sci-Fi channel either, but we do get Space: The Imagination Station which serves a similar function. (They also co-produce Lexx, for those of you that watch that.) This year, Space will start airing Farscape. (YTV had it before.) Click on the above link to figure out when you’ll get it.

  2. Farscape
    This is honeslty one of the better Sci-Fi series out there. I didn’t start watching it at first, since it looked pretty generic, but my sister was majorly into it. When it sindication, I happened to be sitting around when she turned on the first episode. Enough jokes and background had me hooked right there.

    I Gotta Learn To Trust My Sister. She Also Got Me Into Buffy.

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