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dan_k writes, I decided to wander to to see if there was any news of when Day Break would return to their website. In a nice banner they have Day Break advertised and 4 new episodes online. For those of you have not seen the show, it is a groundhog day story where a police detective wakes up the same morning and has to clear himself from the murder he is being framed for. As he solves a piece of the puzzle the day changes its routine.

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  1. US Viewers Only
    Guess I’ll have to find a workaround or wait until it’s released on DVD.

  2. Before Groundhog Day – 12:01 and others.
    Before Groundhog Day was the short film 12:01 PM, based on the 1973 novel 12:01 PM

    And time loops had been used before that was written also in Escapement, a 1956 short story by J. G. Ballard. (according to wikipedia)

    I think part of the reason this failed was the constant comparison to Groundhog Day, which is a good silly comedy, but other than the idea of a time loop it has little in common with Day Break.

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