Lost Discussion: ‘Tricia Tanaka is Dead’

As Kate, who remains torn over leaving Jack behind with the Others, and Sawyer return to camp, Hurley finds an old DHARMA van in the woods and attempts to use it to help a fellow survivor in need of faith.

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  1. Fun but…
    A fun episode, but I have to nitpick. The jungle is a very tough environment that would have eaten through everything vital in that car. Add to it the salt from the nearby ocean and there is no way the car would have worked. What little gas was left in the tank would have been full of rust and water. Any belts that hadn’t rotted away would have snapped when Hurley push started it. The tires would have been flat. Most importantly, the brake fluid would have been gone or mud – Stay-Puft and the Hobbit should be dead.

    • Re: Fun but…
      That bothered me a little, too, but I’m letting it slide. What really bothered me was the commercial that’s been airing since last week. Watch it or else you won’t know what the big deal everybody’s talking about tomorrow is? Really? What big deal? That Russo’s daughter is the girl that helped Kate and Sawyer? Those that have been half-paying-attention know that already. That Hurley and Charlie went for a ride in a busted up van and didn’t die from it? Funny, but not that big of a deal. I kept waiting for some monumental surprise or revealing moment, and it didn’t come. This show is good with characters, but it sucks with plot advancement. It needs to move forward soon or I’m just not going to care so much anymore. I can only tolerate the "promise big things" and then "sike!" method of story telling for so long.

    • as long as we’re nitpicking
      Did anyone else notice the hand changed positions in Vincents mouth between every shot? It went from being held by the palm, to by the forearm in one direction, then the other, then back, then back again. In addition, there seemed to be some really weird visual (green screen?) problems as Vincent looks back at Hurley from the position of the van.

      And you’d have to be pretty desperate to drink that beer! ;)

    • Re: Fun but…

      A fun episode, but I have to nitpick.

      It’s a "magical" island. How can you nitpick about anything unusual?

      I thought it was simply fun.

      Of course, I don’t know that we learned really, but I haven’t been learning new things in a while… I am ready for them to get on with it! I mean, sure, we learn about the backgrounds and such, but.. I want to know more about the island!!!

      Just my 10 cents

  2. Is it just me….
    or is Lost better when Jack isn’t on the show?

    I liked this episode even though nothing too profound happened. Also its nice to see Delenn back :-)

    But I have to agree some resolutions need to be found soon, the story is starting to drag. They really need to get the others out of the picture and get back to the mysteries of the island.

  3. Just a couple of comments…
    One, did anyone else keeping falsely completing the reporter’s name as "Tricia Takinawa?" I wonder if they purposely name checked Family Guy or it was just a funny coincidence…

    Also, I was so upset at the local news during this episode. The big question was "Will they get the van running," and then there’s a typical promo for the news after the show, with the usual b.s. type of "A look inside this week’s Lost!" Well, during that segment they showed the van jouncing across the meadow under its own power. I guess it wasn’t the biggest question in the world but in a show that refuses to resolve any of the mysteries it would’ve been nice to get one without the evening news spoilering it.

    Other than that though, I thought it was a fun little episode. Much better than last week’s. Did anyone else notice the map they found in the van? I hope that’s significant later.

    • Re: Just a couple of comments…

      Also, I was so upset at the local news during this episode.

      I had interruptions of Tornado warnings here in Kansas. They kept apologizing for interrupting LOST. *sigh* Ya know, chances are, if a place is about to be hit by a tornado, they wouldn’t be watching LOST, they probably wouldn’t even have the TV on. They’d be in the basement (or if they were like me, they’d be outside with a camera!!)

      Thank goodness my news interruptions didn’t ruin the whole plot though. I would be calling in to the station (or sending an email) complaining about that. That is just wrong!! And I’m sure the parent company, ABC, would be interested in hearing that tale.. Especially if it happens every week!! That’s enough to make people stop watching!!

      Ah well,

      nuff outa me,

  4. Fire the Promo Writers
    I’m about ready to quit watching just because of the assholes writing the promos. For the last three weeks now the next week was supposed to have something spellbinding and answer a lot of dumb questions next week and it’s not happening. I think their one trick pony is dying and they know it. Heroes and other shows are kicking it’s ass.

    And even though I DVR the new time slot sucks.

    Geez people, of all the complaints I read here about the show, one is valid (the van decay), all the rest are complaints that they felt cheated by the ads.

    Ads are lies, get that in you skulls already: All ads contain at least one lie. AT LEAST one.

    Like Paul Anka used to say: "Just don’t look, just don’t look!"
    The most you can get out of an ad for a show you already watch is finding out if this week is a rerun or somethin you haven’t seen yet, the rest is either misdirection or spoilerish, so don’t, just don’t put any faith in them.
    You’ll like the show a WHOLE lot more if you start watching the show without expecting the ads to have been made in your own interest. And it sure is pointless to blame the show’s writer for what the marketing department says about the show.

    P.S. Yay, a Hurley episode! Those are always fun!

  6. fun…. but not so progressive.
    I like Hurley’s character… The background story was fun. I had the same problems with the van. No way should it ever have worked, not even to complete Hurley’s insane need for "hope".

    In the end, it was slightly entertaining and fun to watch, but it left me annoyed that they keep using the 40+ minutes of time they have for fluff and no real progress.

    At this point we know:
    Who the others are, mostly why they’re there. The hatch, etc. The plane, etc.

    What I don’t know is:
    What was the endgame of the Dharma project with the magnetic stuff? How can the island not be "found" by people searching for the downed flight? How are all these people on the flight connected?

    Frankly, they could make up a shabby story and move on and I’d be happy. I like Delenn, but I don’t care about her daughter and why she split from the Dharma group (and you KNOW they’re gonna spend at least one episode wasting our time with that). I don’t care about the Dharma group other than, what’s the point of them being there (blackmailing/abducting people to work on their stuff). I don’t care about Jack, Sawyer, or Kate.

    Frankly, the character stuff is played out. They’ve told the stories and there is not much else that they can say short of introducing new people. Without weird stuff happening on the island, there is no way I will continue to watch. I’m really not into evening soap-operas.

    • Re: fun…. but not so progressive.

      How can the island not be "found" by people searching for the downed flight?

      The flight was hours off-course, the rescue people were serching thousands of miles away from the Island(s).
      Anyway, Desmond’s girl found him, she’ll be on her way with guns n stuff. Her daddy’s rich ya know.

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