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China and Russia plan to head to Mars and Phobos, there’s a bizarre hexagonal pattern on Saturn, and the demise of the dinosaurs may not have benefited our ancestors as directly as we once thought.

And Ed the Sock and Red have lost their Marshall status in a forthcoming Toronto Easter Parade.

Uh… That last one isn’t science news.

No. Sorry.

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  1. Planets in multiple sun-systems?

    To quote an e-mail from Recursive Loop:

    ‘Arthur C. Clarke makes great use of a multi-star system in "Against the Fall of Night". Some of the most memorable scenes from Poul Anderson’s stories take place in multi-sun systems.

    Then came a period when the "professionals" told us that multiple star systems would probably not have planets. That scene from Star Wars ("A New Hope" for the rest of you) when Luke sees that double sunset? Sorry. Not possible.

    Well…maybe we need a new theory of planetary formation!

    Time to dust off my Poul Anderson volumes…

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