Star Wars II Trailer (or not. sorry.) is proud to scoop just about everyone on the net by presenting the trailer to Star Wars Episode II (which, curiously, doesn’t include the movie’s subtitle, “Attack of the Clones”). It’s in the downloadables section, in MPG format. (And here’s a direct link for the truly impatient.) Enjoy! Update, 4pm: This is, according to those who have commented, the bogus trailer. And my Web host got cranky at me eating up bandwidth like candy so he trashed the file anyway. If anyone wants to mirror it, for laugh value if nothing else, lemme know and I’ll make arrangements for you.

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  1. This is a bogus trailer

    This has been floating around the net for about 2 years, since right after the release of The Phantom Menace. If you look closely, while creative, you will see that there are scenes cut in from Dune, Return of the Jedi, The Phantom Menace, and (my personal favorite) – Braveheart.

    Look closely. All the guy running to screen left with lightsabers? They are wearing kilts and have their faces painted blue.

    REALLY nicely done fake teaser, but not real, by any stretch. That’s why the name “Attack of the Clowns, err Clones” doesn’t appear under the title.

    • Re: This is a bogus trailer
      mother F*&$#@!!!!!!!!1 Ive had that trialer for 3 months, distributing it across my fileshare group. AARRGGGGGG!!!!!!
      …oh welll, it still looked c00l! ;^)

  2. Halloween Fools?
    I was thinking “Hey is it april fools already?” But then I realized it could always fall under “Halloween Trick”. Har har :)

    • Re: Halloween Fools?

      I was thinking “Hey is it april fools already?” But
      then I realized it could always fall under “Halloween
      Trick”. Har har :)

      Unfortunately, no, this is just me
      being suckered. Sorry, all. (The person who gave it
      to me thought it was real, as did the person who gave
      it to him.)

  3. Not the only one fooled..
    Don’t feel bad. From we see:

    Today on a local Salt Lake City television station. Their “News 4 Utah” claimed to have an exclusive first look at the AOTC teaser trailer. Much to my amusement, it was the fan made trailer with Hayden Christensen that has been on for quite some time. The anchor person was impressed, and I am quite sure that they did not realize it’s lack of authenticity.

  4. It doesn’t matter anyway…
    I just got a nastygram from my Web host provider to the effect of “you just ate 4 GB of bandwidth in like an hour, the file’s gonna go away now.” I think it’s on atomfilms somewhere, for those so inclined.

    For trick-or-treat season, I guess we got tricked. C’est la vie, I suppose.

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