The Dresden Files: Things That Go Bump

technomancer writes, A cop, four Wardens, and a member of the High Council walk into a
Wizard’s office…

Over all a good episode… though there was an interesting plot hole
that I’d REALLY like to know what the writers were thinking:

How did the drake know enough about Murphy to impersonate
her so well? The drake would have either needed to be telepathic and
been pulling things from Harry’s mind or have done some major recon,
as it knew Murphy down to the detail that her daughter had given her
the necklace she wore all the time.
End spoiler.

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  1. Murphy’s Daughter
    Actually I think that mentioning Murphy’s daughter was a sign of the dragon making a mistake by using too much information. Harry remarks that Murphy never talks about her daughter, something the dragon didn’t know.

    • D’oh! Spoiler Warning
      I can’t edit my comment, and I just realized I should have spoiler marked it.

      My apologies.

  2. How convenient…
    Yeah, I guessed that Murphy was a fake pretty early on. Not that I would have bet on it, but it seemed like a good twist. Plus it gave them an easy way to "reset" her knowledge of magic, since they seem to prefer keeping her in the dark about that.

    *sigh* This is opinion, but I can’t find a way to phrase it that’s not subtly spoiler-ish: I would actually prefer that Murphy knew about magic. It just doesn’t make sense that she keeps relying on him when she doesn’t believe in his stated profession, and when he keeps so many secrets from her. And she’s seen enough weirdness that she would have to suspect something by now… In any case it would simplify the character interaction, one less person to tap-dance around the truth with (although I guess "complications" are the story of Harry’s life ;)

    • Re: How convenient…
      Yeah Murphy not really knowing about magic/the supernatural is a change from the books that was just stupid. In the books Murphy is in charge of the Special Investigations unit whose job is basically to make up rational explanations for supernatural crimes. Granted she didn’t know about the council etc etc in the books, but she definitely knew the supernatural existed. They REALLY weakened her character for the show, which I pretty much hate. Murphy in the books was a martial arts expert who was tough as nails and wasn’t afraid of anything. She might have gotten thrown for a few seconds when something weird happened, but she didn’t stand around whining about it.

  3. My opinion on the ""plot hole""
    About the plot hole mentioned in the into to this thread:

    I think it can be easily chalked up to affective recon done by the bad-guys. Rest Spoilered::
    You see, the dragon obviously know that she could not, with one sneek attack, defeat Mia. So she had to engineer a situation where she could launch an attack, but then intercept her escape. – Once you allow for that, you figure that if Harry is the only place near that could be safe, she would have to (while setting her trap in advance) prepare to get past those defences that Mia would obviously be counting on to protect herself while she healed. So you get this plan:
    1) set a trap in an area that she only had one good choice to use as a retreat (the area of town Harry lives in)
    2) have the retreat loacation’s defences defeated ahead of time (learn what it would take to get Harry to invite her in)
    3) launch the attack and beat her to Harry’s place
    Any being on the magnitute to go after Mia would have to be either Uber strong, or easily intelligent enough to come up with a plan this detailed requireing this level of prep’ time. – And more than likely, they would be that smart AND Uber strong…

      • Re: My opinion on the ""plot hole""

        This is a reasonable hypothesis.


        And one other thing I’ve thought of since my last post : Maybe you’ll like this one better…

        (no spoiler tag needed)

        One of crappy things that comes from airing the episodes out of order is that you have to expect a few instances when characters have more information them they should (because they get that info in an ep that was filmed earlier, but not aired yet) – so if a character seems to have ""secret"" knowledge, it may just be a case where that info is discussed openly… in an episode we haven’t seen yet, but was earlier in the character’s timeline.

        Which, of course, is another reason to NOT FREEKIN’ DO THAT!! But I digress…

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  5. Mai
    About the end, with Harry probing Mai about her nature. Wasn’t it already stated in an earlier episode that Mai was a dragon? I may have picked that up from somewhere else.

    This is an old thread so I bet nobody’s gonna read this :-)

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