As some of you already know, I tend to collect things. As a side effect, I buy movies, novels, comics, and video games faster than I can review them. Since I can’t keep up, I need you to tell me which reviews are of greater interest to you. Details are below.

Some reviews are guaranteed: when someone sends us a free copy of something specifically for us to review, we make sure we review it. (For example, I expect to have a review of X-Rated Bloodsuckers by Mario Acevedo up this weekend.) Reviews I’ve already committed to will also be done, such as the Civil War reviews. Beyond that, I’d like your help to set priorities.


Starting this weekend, I’ll be reviewing one James Bond movie each month within the Saturday movie reviews until we’ve reviewed the entire series. They’ll be done in the order of release, starting with Dr. No, and running up to Die Another Day. (We’ve already reviewed Casino Royale.) Beyond that, we’ll review the major summer releases, but the reviews of old materials need to be prioritized. I’ll be maintaining a list of my DVD and Blu-Ray titles here in Microsoft Excel format. The feature film section is up to date, though the TV and short film sections are not even close. (I’ve catalogued 14 out of 201 television collections, and only 1 of 51 short film collections.) If you go to the tab named “Feature Film Selector Chart” and filter the “B42 Rating” as “(blank),” then you’ll generate a list of movies eligible for review that haven’t been reviewed. Double click on a number to generate a new tab that lists the movies and the details that are counted in that number. (At the time of this writing, you can click on the 307 grand total in the lower right corner to generate a list of all eligible unreviewed movies.) You’ll probably want to sort that list once it’s been created.


The comic book catalog is about as complete as the DVD catalog. I’ve catalogued 3 out of 6 long boxes storing comics, a few of the Essentials, and just a couple of the digests and hardcovers. In several cases, primarily those from the DVD-ROM collections, I’ve filled in placeholder issue numbers without the complete details. Between all of those unreviewed back titles and the large pull list I’ve got, that’s a lot of comic reviews. (I need to average just over two reviews per week, reviewing the TPB collections only, if I want to keep up. That’s not enough to catch up.)

The comic reviews that are planned and committed for sure are as follows. I will finish the entire Civil War set by reviewing the Moon Knight crossover when it wraps up next week (though I’ll be out of town again, so it’ll be a weekend review), as well as the Ghost Rider crossover when it finishes (either today or next month.) I’ll continue to review Fallen Son as each issue comes out in April and May. Once those are done, I’ll review all seven issues of the main series, and end the whole thing off with a recap column detailing the most and least worthwhile crossovers. I’ll also be reviewing the upcoming World War Hulk event in a similar fashion, reviewing each issue of the main series as it comes, and each crossover and related miniseries as it wraps up. I’ll likely pass on the upcoming X-Men event this fall. Those events aside, I’ll be reviewing the new Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight series from Dark Horse on an issue by issue basis. Between the Essentials, DVD-ROM, and J. Michael Straczynski selections, I’ve reviewed every issue of Amazing Spider-Man ever published, so I’ll keep those up to date reviewing the issues in the manner in which they’ll be collected in TPB format. Finally, with Joss Whedon taking over the under-recognized Runaways, I’ll be doing a series of reviews of those digests, starting next Wednesday. (This will be similar to Timeshredder’s Batman reviews, but will cover digests 2-7, as digest 1 has been reviewed and digest 7 should be out the same day digest 3 would be reviewed.) Beyond that, I need feedback to decide what to prioritize.

The Essentials I own but haven’t reviewed or catalogued are as follows (with volume numbers omitted if there’s only one volume):

  • Captain America Vol. 2, 3
  • Conan
  • Defenders Vol. 2 (Vol. 3 is unsolicited but on preorder with Amazon)
  • Dr. Strange Vol. 2
  • Godzilla
  • Incredible Hulk Vol. 4
  • Iron Fist
  • Iron Man Vol. 2
  • Killraven
  • Marvel Team-Up Vol. 2
  • Marvel Two-In-One Vol. 1 (with Vol. 2 on preorder)
  • Monster of Frankenstein
  • Moon Knight
  • Ms. Marvel
  • Nova
  • Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man Vol. 1-3
  • Luke Cage, Power Man Vol. 1-2
  • Savage She-Hulk
  • Spider-Woman Vol. 1 (with Vol. 2 on preorder)
  • Supervillain Team-Up
  • Thor Vol. 2, 3
  • Tomb of Dracula Vol. 3-4
  • Werewolf by Night
  • Wolverine Vol. 4
  • X-Factor Vol. 2

The Marvel Digests I haven’t reviewed are all three Emma Frost volumes, the aforementioned Runaways volumes, the first two Sentinel volumes, and Spider-Man / Human Torch: I’m With Stupid. The DC Showcase Presents volumes still unreviewed are as follows:

  • Batman Vol. 1
  • Brave and the Bold: The Batman Teamups Vol. 1
  • Green Lantern Vol. 2
  • Justice League of America Vol. 1-2
  • Superman Vol. 1-2

Finally, there’s my rather long pull list, which I’ll break down by company. From Dark Horse, I’m only collecting the new Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the upcoming Serenity title, both of which will be reviewed by the issue as they come. From Dynamite Entertainment, I’m getting all four Battlestar Galactica titles, two of which have story arcs eligible for review now, and one of which will be eligible after today. From DC, I collect Superman/Batman, The Brave and the Bold, Green Lantern, and Green Lantern Corps. My Marvel list is quite long, and is as follows:

  • Amazing Spider-Man
  • Astonishing X-Men
  • Cable/Deadpool
  • Captain America
  • Civil War: Fallen Son (miniseries on review schedule)
  • Criminal – not sci fi or fantasy
  • Daredevil
  • Exiles
  • Fantastic Four
  • Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man
  • Ghost Rider
  • Heroes For Hire
  • Incredible Hulk – I started collecting with issue 100. My DVD-ROM is in the mail, so I should be able to review the entire “Planet Hulk” story before starting the “World War Hulk” set.
  • Iron Man
  • Mighty Avengers
  • New Avengers
  • New Avengers: Illuminati (miniseries)
  • New Warriors (launches in June)
  • Nova (launches today)
  • Runaways (discussed above)
  • Sensational Spider-Man
  • Silver Surfer: Requiem (JMS miniseries to come)
  • Squadron Supreme and all spinoffs
  • Thor (launches in July, written by JMS)
  • Thunderbolts
  • Ultimate Fantastic Four
  • Ultimate Power (miniseries crossing over the Supremeverse with the Ultimate universe)
  • Ultimate Spider-Man (reviewed up to issue 71; the same creative team of Bendis and Bagley will be together until Bagley’s final issue, number 110, which should come in three months. I’m inclined to review issues 72-110 with both annuals at that time.)
  • Ultimate Vision (miniseries)
  • Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk (amazingly late miniseries)
  • Ultimate X-Men
  • Ultimates (I’ll review all of Ultimates 2 as a set when the last issue ships in May.)
  • Uncanny X-Men
  • World War Hulk related titles


When the comic and DVD catalogs are finally up to date, I’ll create a novel and textbook catalog. In the meantime, I’ll just keep reviewing movies, comics, and occassional novels. Upcoming reviews include X-Rated Bloodsuckers and possibly Zig Zag.

Video Games

I’m currently playing through Final Fantasy 3 for the Nintendo DS and Marvel Ultimate Alliance for the PS3. Once those reviews are done, I’ll go to work on a video game catalog to list other options. (Expect a lot of Final Fantasy and Mega Man on that list.)

So, those are the options. What should I prioritize?