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Cast & Crew

Director: Roxann Dawson
Written By: Rick Berman &
Brannon Braga and Fred

Teleplay By: Fred Dekker

Scott Bakula as Captain
Jonathan Archer
Connor Trinneer as Chief
Engineer Charles Tucker III
Jolene Blalock as Sub-commander
Dominic Keating as Lt.
Malcolm Reed
Anthony Montgomery
as Ensign Travis Mayweather
Linda Park as Ensign Hoshi
John Billingsley
as Dr. Phlox

Guest Cast
Jeffrey Combs as Shran
Bruce French as Vulcan
Steven Dennis as Tholos
Jeff Ricketts as Keval
Richard Tanner as Vulcan
Jamie McShane as Tactical

Original Airdate

October 31, 2001

Terra NovaWhat

Capt. Archer decided to take a detour from exploring and orders the Enterprise
to visit a vulcan monastery that’s nearby. After being briefed on proper Vulcan
protocol, Archer, T’Pol, and Trip venture down to the planet surface to meet
with the resident monks. Instead of a short diplomatic meeting, Archer and company
discover that the monks are being held hostage by a troop of Andorians, and
find themselves on the wrong end of their weapons.

It appears that the Andorians, an incredibly paranoid race, believe that the
vulcans are spying on them. The abbot and monks insist that there is no technology
of that type in the building. The Andorians refuse to believe this and set about
tearing the monastery upside down in their eager pursuit of the truth.

Trip manages to repair an old comm system and coordinate a jailbreak with Reed.
During the course of the breakout, two Andorians make it into the depths of
the catacombs beneath the monastery An intense firefight ensues and as Archer
tries to get the upper hand he stumbles across a secret door. Behind it is an
entire listening post, manned by hundreds of vulcans. He orders the building
scanned, then hands the data over to the Andorians, whose paranoia was justified.


Well this had its ups and downs.

First the ups: Nice job with bringing back the Andorians. They will become
founding members of the Federation, so the conflict between them and the Vulcans
should prove to be a fine line to walk for Archer and company. I hope the writers
can handle the situation properly.

The downs: Well, doesn’t this all seem out of place for Vulcans? Lying? Spying?
These are not the traits they are known for throughout Star Trek. Part of me
was waiting for the monks to be revealed as Romulans. That would at least have
made sense.

High Point

Reed’s "Standard Procedure" speech resounds with the series theme
that mankind is still new at this space exploration thing.

Low Point

Since when did Vulcans threaten to kill people? This hostile and conspiratorial
tone for the Vulcans is way too out of place. Can we get back to canon for racial

The Scores

Originality: Not really that original for Sci-fi, but a new one for Star Trek.

Effects: There really weren’t too many to speak of, however the exterior shots
of the monastery were nice, as was the hidden Vulcan listening post. 4

Story: I like building up a conflict and a longer running story arc, just the
Vulcan seemed so, illogical. I also saw the ending coming a mile away. 3

Acting: Jeffery Combs, a Trek icon, is great as the Andorian leader. Hope to
see a lot more of him. Good turns from Bakula, and Blalock seems to be getting
the hang of T’Pol. 4

Emotional Response: Just the mere fact that the Andorians are back had my attention
throughout. If it was just another race-of-the-week I really wouldn’t have cared
about the outcome. 4

Production: The cave looked pretty good, as did the monastery I always feel
for production crews that have their nice artwork (the giant Vulcan face) blown
to bits. This one was much better than most of the episodes previously directed
by Roxann Dawson. 4

Overall: I’m giving this one high marks because it’s a step in the right direction.
Don’t blow this storyline guys!. 5

Total: 27 out of 42

Stills & Video


The Andorian IncidentNext

"Breaking the Ice"
will air this Wednesday. Looks to be an action-oriented piece, with elements
of more Vulcan spying. We’ll see how far T’Pol’s loyalties go.