Galactica – Not Dead Yet

Apparently Olmos was talking out of his nether regions when he said the fourth season would be the last for Battlestar Galactica. David Eick says: “For those of you who have been paying attention over the years, this is not the first time Eddie has made an announcement about the possibility of the show’s end,” chuckled Eick. “I promise you that when [executive producer] Ron [Moore] and I make a decision about Galactica’s future, we’ll let you know.”

2 replies on “Galactica – Not Dead Yet”

  1. Just maybe…
    The show goes on without him after next year? ;-)

    Can’t survive forever in a war…

  2. OK, so time for a brainstorming thread?
    Is it time that we had a thread just to brainstorm ideas from where the story *could* go? I’ve got one or two y’all might like.


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