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  1. Most of this had already been surmised.
    As for ratings, I’ve been a Nielsen household. I know that their monitoring is relatively arbitrary. My TV set was worth, what, 50,000 viewers? Back when Enterprise was on I could see the effect when I didn’t watch a particular week’s episode. The other 49,999 viewers my set represented might have actually watched, but because my monitored set was off, they were not credited. Also, as was pointed out, TIVO has changed viewing habits, and Nielsen still hasn’t quite figured out how to monitor TIVO.

    I think the experiences of the cast members who shared are perfectly valid, that there is indeed a much larger audience than is actually observed.

    I also believe that this year BSG may break the Emmy glass ceiling for sci-fi. With the widespread following BSG has in the industry, and knowing that the Emmy is an industry award, I suspect what will happen is BSG will be nominated, and will win, in its final season, as recognition for all previous work, much like "Return of the King" won the Best Picture Oscar for Peter Jackson as much as anything for the recognition of the strength of the entire trilogy of movies.

    We shall see.


  2. I do believe I have BSG’s major arc figured out.
    From some of the tidbits that were revealed in these interviews (all spoilerized):

    What we know:

    There are a previous generations of Cylons, dating back to the time of the Lords of Kobol.

    Leoben says again and again: all of this has happened before.

    There are twelve models of Cylons. There are twelve colonies.

    Starbuck has been to Earth.

    The final model that has only been hinted at may be Starbuck, Gaius, or even the President.

    Older model Cylons and humans are immune to the disease that was left on the marker at the nebula.

    The President is (impossibly, inexplicably) linked to a six, an eight, and a hybrid.

    Some humans have capabilities not present on our current Earth: Gaius’ projection of reality, Starbuck’s precognition, Kamala-induced oracular abilities in general.

    Revealed in the interview: Newer model Cylons can reproduce with humans, older model Cylons can reproduce with humans, but one of the actors let slip that older and new model Cylons don’t seem to be capable of reproducing together.

    Revealed in the interview: Modern Cylons view the original five as gods. The Three that saw them in the temple to the eye of Jupiter was even affected by her vision of the faces of the gods: she died.


    The Earth in BSG is actually this Earth, and the 13th tribe is completely human.

    My guess:

    I believe in the first Cylon/human war, the Cylons were too successful at wiping out the humans on Kobol. I also believe that the 13th tribe evaded detection.

    I believe the twelve colonies were seeded by Cylons capable of reproducing, along with whatever human survivors could be located.

    I think the first generation of Cylons realized too late their mistake, and as tribute to their creators did their best to recreate humanity, using what was known of humans, as well as Cylon and human stock.

    I believe Earth was later found by these original Cylons, and left alone.

    In modern times, what has come again is the colonials have re-invented the wheel, a new version of Cylons, a new version of pure Cylon strains not interbred for generations with thousands of mutations. These new Cylons left, then as before returned to destroy their creators.

    The twist: the new Cylons are simply attacking the children of the first generation of Cylons. True humanity survives on one small world, protected by the first generation in a sort of park environment. The first generation of Cylons, having a good idea of what their brethren were planning, anticipated the attack and put operatives in place to at least assure the survival of some of the diversity they had acheived.

    Cylon versus Cylon explains so much: the link between Laura, Athena, Caprica, and Hera, the seers, Laura’s hallucinations (seeing Kobol in its old glory, instead of in its decimated form), Gaius’ ability to project reality (and also his similar hallucination, being able to see Kobol in its ancient, intact form when he and Six in his head see Hera for the first time), Starbuck’s precognition, a disease that used to infect humans, but today can infect second generation Cylons.

    The final five are the true blood of the Lords of Kobol.

    The final outcome, based on another tidbit dropped by a cast member: colonials and Cylons alike will realize they are neither machine nor human, but together something better, cease hostilities, and unite. Earth will be left to stand on its own.

    This is a lot of conjecture, and I know other people will have things to add, but I have a hard time shooting any major holes in this based on what has been revealed to us so far.

    • Re: I do believe I have BSG’s major arc figured out.
      I wish I could get exicted about it, but its just so badly told with unplesant characters that I don’t care about. I just hope they all fly into a black hole.

      • Re: I do believe I have BSG’s major arc figured out.

        I wish I could get exicted about it


      • Re: I do believe I have BSG’s major arc figured out.

        I wish I could get exicted about it, but its just so badly told with unplesant characters that I don’t care about. I just hope they all fly into a black hole.

        I hear you on that score. RDM was doing too much character devel and not enough plot devel in the last half of the season.
        Yes! We get it! Starbuck needs therapy, able to prescribe drugs, therapy. But can we move on?

        And the episde with the strike, Adama was just done all wrong. The man was a fighter pilot. Granted he is now an admiral, but he started as a pilot. And when a pilot’s mechanic says, "Don’t fly. You’re bird’s not good right now," any pilot with enough brain cells to form a synapse listens. Then Chief Tyrol tells him the refinery ship needs to shut down for maintenance, they all ignore him? WTF

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