The ninth season of The X-Files started last night. You know where to find the review.


as Dana Scully

as John Doggett
Walter Skinner
Margaret Scully
Agent Reyes
as a character who has not yet been
named on screen.
as Assistant Director Brad Follmer


Written by Chris
and Frank

Directed by Kim

Original Airdate

Nothing Important Happened Today originally
aired on Sunday, November 11, 2001.


There are several story lines running in this
episode, each of which
seems to focus on introducing or establishing
characters. In the first
story line we encounter, Lucy Lawless plays a
character that seems to
have no trouble breathing underwater. This
character drowns an EPA
man in the teaser and a worker in a water plant
in act one. She later
seemed to steal the body of said EPA man. She
also has FBI access.
At the end of the episode, she tries to drown
Agent Doggett.

The second and most prominent story line is that
of Doggett’s
investigation into Kirsh’s office. It seems that
the security camera
from the FBI garage contains no record of the
events of last season’s
finale, which is essential to Doggett’s
investigation. The
disappearance of witnesses, and Skinner’s urges
to drop the
investigation give Doggett the impression that
he’s on his own. Agent
Reyes is willing to stand by him, despite advice
from ex-lover and
Assistant Director Brad Follmer to do otherwise.
Mulder cannot
testify, as he is gone. (His apartment is
completely empty.) Scully
is the only person who might know where he’s
gone, but she refuses to

Before progress can be made on this, Doggett and
Reyes receive an
anonymous tip pointing them to the death of the
EPA man. They bring
in Scully to do the autopsy, and she discovers
bruises on his ankles
that seem to indicate he was being held inside
his car while he
drowned. This investigation eventually leads him
to the water
treatment plant, where he steals some files, and
is forced to escape
from AD Follmer and his task force before he can
read them. During
his escape, he hides in a water tank, where he is
caught by Lucy
Lawless’ character, who then tries to drown him.
(This was the final
shot before the closing credits.)

The third story line is the one surrounding
Scully’s child. Scully
begins to fear that the child isn’t normal, as
his mobile seems to
move under its own power when he cries.

Other Comments

The opening title sequence has been completely
revamped, and now
includes Gillian Anderson, Robert Patrick,
Annabeth Gish, and
(finally) Mitch Pileggi.

High Point

In my opinion, the high point of the episode was
Reyes’ search for a
new pencil.

Low Point

Mulder’s sudden disappearance. The only way the
character of Mulder
would abandon Scully completely would be if he
were dead. While I
acknowledge that the writers did a fine job of
writing the show in
a situation made awkward by the real world,
killing Mulder is really
the only thing they could have done to keep him
away from William
Scully without reusing the alien abduction story

The Review

In terms of originality, this
episode was not
spectacular. The only really original element
was the character
played by Lucy Lawless, but we won’t get a chance
to see anything
substantial about her until next week. I give
the originality 3 out
of 6.

The effects were few and far
between, but entirely
convincing. In fact, the drowning sequences,
autopsy (now old hat)
and the mobile were the only effects in the
episode, and none of them
should really require anything more difficult
than a small motor or
underwater camera. I give the effects 4 out of 6.

The story was really more about
establishing characters
than driving a plot line this week. While it was
well written, it
wasn’t the same enthralling rush I had when I
Essence and Existence a few
hours before. I give it
3 out of 6.

The acting was generally very good.
The only character I
didn’t completely believe was Brad Follmer. I’ll
give that character
some time to develop though. He seems to have
been a last minute
addition to the cast in an attempt to replace the
perceived sexual
tension some people perceived between Mulder and
Scully. I hope he’ll
grow beyond that one dimensional character, and
soon. I give the
acting 4 out of 6.

In terms of emotional response, I
was interested, but not
immensely. It wasn’t until the last few moments
that I was really
drawn in. The investigation aspects of the show
are what drew me in
in the first place, and we didn’t see much of
that until just before
the chase sequence. I give the emotional
response 2 out of 6.

The production quality was its typical
high. Manners,
Carter, and Spotnitz know how to make an episode
of The
. I give it 5 out of 6.

Overall, this episode was a decent
episode, but a bit
lackluster for a season premier. We’ll see what
happens with the
second part next week. I give it 3 out of 6.