The Tick premiered last night on Fox. Would you like to read more about the latest weekly detriment to the progress of my thesis?


Patrick Warburton is the Tick. He doesn’t play the Tick, he is the Tick.
David Burke as Arthur
Liz Vassey as Captain Liberty
Nestor Carbonell as Batmanuel

The Tick is the brainchild of one Ben Edlund, who also wrote this episode.

The IMDB page is here.

Original Airdate

The pilot episode was originally broadcast on Thursday, November 9, 2001.


A mysterious figure known as the Tick leaves his post protecting a bus stop to vanquish crime in The City. While there, he gains a partner in the ex-accountant Arthur, and meets fellow heroes Batmanuel and Captain Liberty. Oh, yeah, and he and Arthur save ex-President (of the U.S.) Jimmy Carter from a 22 yer old Russian robot that was programmed to kill him.

High Point

“Nope.” The delivery of that line was absolutely perfect, both times.

Low Point

A local station cut off the show before the end credits rolled with a simulcast of the excrement known as Temptation Island 2. I wanted to see Apocalypse Cow, dag nabbit!

The Review

As far as originality goes, it’s only flaw is that this is not the first medium the Tick has been in. (While I’ve never read the comics, this show felt like the cartoon, but live action.) I give it 5 out of 6.

The effects were exceptional. It’s nice to see that some people recognize that physical effects can be far more convincing on screen than CGI. (Especially when compared to cheap CGI. Or The Phantom Menace.) 6 out of 6.

The story was a little thin this week, but that may change a bit now that we’ve met the main characters. Note that the thin story was in no way detrimental to the final product, but it was still thin. I give it 3 out of 6.

The acting was great. The character of David Puddy was forgotten before the dispenser finally released that bitter black urine men call coffee. Patrick Warburton was born to play this role. He almost overshadowed the equally excellent performances from the rest of the cast, including the guest spot from Christopher Lloyd. (As in Buckaroo Bonzai and Back To The Future, not the guy who produces Frasier.) I’ve never seen a cast work together so well in a pilot episode. Most of the time a cast doesn’t do this well after working on a show for years. 6 out of 6.

When judging the emotional response, all I have to say is that I didn’t stop laughing until about 10 minutes after it ended. I think I’ll be laughing every time somebody says “nope” for the next three weeks, actually. 6 out of 6.

The production values were great for a 30 minute pilot episode. From the Tick’s articulate antennae to the editing and scene blocking, the environment and world was a consistent feel that brought me right in. The pace was kept high, and the laughs kept coming. Again, this is an amazing piece of work for a pilot episode. I can’t wait to see what’s in store once the budget comes through, assuming Fox doesn’t cancel it like they do with all their good shows. 6 out
of 6.

Overall, this was possibly the funniest half hour show I’ve seen. This is incredible work for a pilot episode. Let’s just hope the network has the sense to back off and let the producers do their thing. All they need to do now is advertise the snot out of it. I would have given this 6 out of 6 even if it wasn’t a pilot episode.

In total, the pilot episode of The Tick received 38 out of 42.

UPDATE: I just watched it again. The line “Nope” is actually delivered three times, not two.