The Return of Gor

I never read more than a few passages from any of the Gor novels. They’ve been praised and reviled, and have not been available much since the 1980s. However, John Norman‘s series has attracted a cult following, and some individuals quietly live a “Gorean” lifestyle.

In November, Dark Horse, for better or for worse, will be bringing Gor back.

Tarl Cabot, a Mary Sue man from contemporary earth finds himself, John-Carter-like, on Gor, a savage planet on the other side of the sun populated by the descendants of humans brought there in the distant past. He has swashbuckling adventures and pontificates at great length on his controversial views regarding human relationships.

Opinions vary wildly. The funniest comment comes from an acquaintance, who writes:

The literary result is much like what might occur if Ayn Rand had been fed acid and forced to watch a round-the-clock marathon of the films Conan the Barbarian and The Story of O before being plopped down in front of a typewriter.

Available here.

3 replies on “The Return of Gor”

  1. Not a comic
    Bummer. I thought Dark Horse would be bringing Gor back as a comic, but it appears to be reprints of the novels. Of course, if they decided to reprint the Doc Savage books, I’d be the first in line to purchase them.

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    • Re: Not a comic

      Of course, if they decided to reprint the Doc Savage books, I’d be the first in line to purchase them.

      Chad, it’s your lucky day.

      I have the first 2 Shadows, and they’re GOOD. Good stories, but equally important, they include some of the original artwork, as well as articles by Anthony Tollin and (woot!) Will Murray, who mentions a new Doc novel he’s written.

  2. Not Sci-Fi
    While Gor is based on a mirror-earth controlled by aliens… I can’t really classify the series as sci-fi. The stories are barbarian fantasy and sexual philosophy, rarely does a scientific element enter in as more than a mcguffin to explain away kidnapping earth women to a world where they can be forcibly enslaved for their own good. Of course the Goreans solved aging and birth control.. rape toys are more fun when they don’t get old or have kids hanging off of them.

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