Weekly Digital Disc Picks – August 28, 2007

The column is finally done. Amazon.com no longer allows me to sort upcoming releases alphabetically, so I’ve got to manually sort them afterwards. Also, when sorted by “Bestselling,” they keep changing the order of the low and moderately selling items, so I saw a few titles listed twice and might have completely missed others. I think next week I’m going to try sorting by price instead, just to prevent the order from changing, though I’ll still have to manually sort the rest.

First, the DVD releases:

No Blu-Ray releases this week.

Here are the HD DVD releases:

Finally, the pick of the week. Was there any doubt? It’s got to be the first season of Heroes in the highest definition format your home system supports.

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    • Re: Alternate source for disc release information

      comingsoon.net has all the DVD, BD, and (usually) HD-DVD releases with links to their Amazon page in alphabetical order by date. Might make your life easier:


      It might, but I like to go through the complete list. This week, I sifted through 893 titles. When someone presorts them for me, as with those links, they may skip over something I’d choose to include.

  1. Of court it would hurt them…

    Legion of Super Heroes Volume 1: Would it kill them to release the season sets?

    Of course it would. Warner knows that they can get all the little kids to beg their parents for whatever is on the shelf right now. Once they’ve hosed those parents and kids for a year or two selling partial seasons, then they can get the geeks with the full-season sets.

    Fortunately for me, I found the episodes of LOSH I’ve seen to be "meh" so I won’t be one of the adult geeks to get caught by this net. I pity the ones who actually love the show.

    What I wouldn’t give for another season or three of Justice League. Those I’d probably buy in whatever form released…

    • 60s genre television

      I suspect most people hereabouts know the original Outer Limits, but I also note a Dark Shadows release. That was part of the pop-culture landscape in my early childhood. How well-known is it today?

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