Weekly Digital Disc Picks – September 18, 2007

Sorry this is later than usual. I was out of town for a few days, and just got back this afternoon.

First, the DVD releases:

Now, the Blu-Ray releases:

Here are the HD DVD releases:

Finally, the pick of the week. The comic geek in me can’t help but recommend the sixth season of Smallville in whichever format you prefer. It’s a serious improvement on some of the previous seasons.

2 replies on “Weekly Digital Disc Picks – September 18, 2007”

  1. chad says:

    Bloodrayne TWO?!?
    The first Bloodrayne did so bad, I’m shocked they made a second one.

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    • Warlock5555 says:

      Re: Bloodrayne TWO?!?
      Ah, but it made money overseas, especially the Middle Eastern markets. That’s how Ewe Boll keeps getting funding. It may be a bad movie, but if it makes money, expect to see another one.

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