Robert Jordan Dies

chad writes, Robert Jordan, author of the Wheel Of Time series, passed away yesterday.

Back when Eye Of The World took the sci-fi/fantasy world by storm, I mistakenly assumed it was the first book of a trilogy. Now, over 16 years and 11 volumes later, it’s still going strong.

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  1. too bad
    I didn’t know he had that disease until today…
    I don’t remember how, but I read the WoT series #1-7 and loved it… So then I waited and bought 8-10 and re-read the whole thing (I thought #10 was the final book)

    5-7 really dragged… the rest were pretty good all around. I still have the books because I was hoping to get 11 and 12 and then read the whole thing again. I hope they can release #12 in some sort of form that will adequately finish the story.

    I hear that it wasn’t due until 2009…. Sucks for everyone who wants the story finished.

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