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  1. The Ex is interesting, and potential for lameness
    I went into this episode thinking it was a little lame that Livia was popping up every time he went on a journey … like whatever was sending them all over had nothing better to do then let her follow him … i was hoping they’d tone it down once we got to know a bit more about her and make it more of a "paths crossing" thing. that as he helps people he occasional (ie: not every episode) runs into her and finds out she’s just as confused as he is, but further along with it. that she shares with him about the people she’s helping or something like that (or maybe even: as she’s teaching him tricks of the trade like carrying old cell phones and old currency they work out a system to communicate by leaving notes around town)

    But with this episode, with the revelation that she was sent on journeys long before she met him, and that she apparently really does have nothing to do right now but shepherd him on his journeys things get a little more interesting … it starts to seem like she may be at the center of what’s happening, and we’re watching the story of a supporting character.

    This could be cool … or it could be the start of a slippery slope to a big lame reveal where they box themselves into a corner

    I like this show, i’m starting to think this could be the best new show this fall (i love pushing daisies for how unique it is, but this one packs more punch) i just hope they don’t go down hill from here.

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