4 replies on “Turok: the Movie Trailer”

  1. My Take
    Looks like it will make a good children’s movie, based on what I see in the trailer. Wonder if that’s who they’re targeting.

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  2. Hope that isn’t a kids movie?
    With the amount of blood splattering, I sure hope that isn’t aimed at young kids, it was pretty gruesome in parts, and that was just the trailer.


  3. not really kid friendly
    I dunno about it being a kids movie, just a little more violence than you’d expect. That said, I used to love the comic as a kid, I’ll rent it :)

  4. Adult’s cartoon?
    Actually, it looks like it might actually be a cartoon aimed at adults for a change. Funny, it doesn’t look like it was made in Japan…

    Maybe this is a sign of accepting the concept of mature cartoons in the "western" animation industry. One can hope!

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