Joss Whedon: Glutton for Punishment

Looks like he’ll be returning to TV and Fox no less, with Dollhouse.

Sure, the premise sounds cool. Sure it reteams him with Buffy alum Eliza Dushku. Sure it’s Joss back on TV.

But Fox? Sci-Fi hating, Firefly cancelling Fox? Dammit, Joss. Have you learned nothing?

5 replies on “Joss Whedon: Glutton for Punishment”

  1. Too much already
    There’s too many good shows I don’t have time to watch already, not gonna invest time in a show that’s just going to get cancelled anyhow…

  2. Huh
    Joss does La Femme Nikita with amnesia. She’s gonna be a BDM, all right…Buxom Daft Hero. I seem to recall that Fox aired a show called John Doe right alongside Firefly lo these many years ago. The irony abounds on this one.

  3. TV to DVD
    I’m waiting for the day when the TV to DVD business starts up. People like Joss and the other awesome writers/creators out there today will be able to clean up. Offering dvd’s with 4 eps for $15 in stores, coming out once a month or so like comics, with no cancellation possibility, the ravenous fans will gobble them up. The real money will come with season sets that have huge word of mouth and positive review advertising backing them.

    The best part is that Joss could pull a Lucas and make a fortune off of merchandising.

  4. "Wait and See" attitude

    It’s an interesting choice, given that Whedon’s shows owe their success in part to interesting characterization.

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